Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth, in particular, youth of color, and fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world. We are all young people from ages 10-18 based in the Bay Area and we are supported by 350 Bay Area. We organize events and protests to get young people involved in climate justice action and to pressure politicians to make environmentally and socially conscience policy decisions.

What We Do

Our Campaigns

YVA’s campaign to show policy makers and the public that young people want a Green New Deal, and that it is the push we need to save our future.

Oakland youth march against coal, 31 Jan 2018. Photo credit: Rhonesha Victor.

We use this campaign to protest the import of coal into Oakland docks in an effort to protect Oakland communities, especially those of marginalized people, from the disastrous effects of coal and air pollution.

YVA hosts meetings and teach-ins to help young people learn about the import of Tar Sands into the Bay Area and how to tackle environmental racism.

YVA along with Warriors for Justice and Earth Guardians all protested The California State Teachers’ Retirement System and called them out for investing over 6 billion dollars in fossil fuel corporations. Their main argument? That our teachers should be our advocates and protectors, people who care about us and our future. 

YVA is calling for youth-led actions for climate justice in the Bay Area in response to the call for a climate week of action from September 20th to 27th. On September 20th we call for a youth-led climate strike march, going to different targets that are contributing to climate breakdown, leaving our mark to let these places know what we are fighting for. 

Photos From Our Campaigns

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