At YVA we work on multiple campaigns.

A Green New Deal

The Green New Deal Campaign is an effort to advocate for the implementation of the Green New Deal as national policy. Our campaign has involved protests, block parties, and a press conference. At these events, we explore the potential of the Green New Deal to catalyze a just transition and avert the worst impacts of climate change. We have taken our message directly to elected representatives by protesting at Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein’s offices and discussing the Green New Deal with Pelosi’s staff and Feinstein herself.

No Coal In Oakland

The No Coal In Oakland Campaign is an effort to draw attention to the disastrous effects of coal imports into Oakland. This is a massive human health issue that disproportionately impacts various marginalized communities in Oakland through what can be described as environmental racism. YVA’s Campaign is based on the urgent need to block coal imports by showing the public the true cost of coal.

On September 20th, starting at 10am, at 90 7th St. in San Francisco we call for a youth-led climate strike march, going to different targets that are contributing to climate breakdown, leaving our mark to let these places know what we are fighting for. We will again start at the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and will connect targets in government, finance, and energy.

On September 27th, we protest Chevron’s irresponsibility. Chevron knowingly pollutes the Richmond area, the Central Valley, the Earth,  and many other communities. And to no one’s surprise, Chevron is getting away with it. Thus, the responsibility is now ours, and that of our Governor Newsom. We will be demanding that Chevron gets off of fossil fuels by 2025 and that they stop using their influence to lie and harm frontline communities, and the future. We are also demanding that the governor speak up about this and stop Chevron from further destroying the Earth. More details are soon to come.