Youth and Frontline communities in the San Francisco Bay Area are coming together to demand a Just Transition and Green New Deal that leaves no one behind. We are organizing to say that no one is disposable. 

In alliance with the current shelter in place, we are calling for a three-day digital climate strike. Throughout these days of action, starting on Earth Day, we encourage everyone to make art in their homes-whether that be paintings, dances, or music- make TikTok videos, or just selfies, slogans, or posters and share on social media under both  #NoOneIsDisposable and the specific hashtag corresponding with the daily targets. 

Here are some slogans/prompts that can be used throughout the week: 

  1. No one is disposable. We need….
  2. I am not disposable. My life depends on….
  3. No one is disposable. I am fighting for….
  4. No one is disposable. I stand with…. 

April 22nd: Earth Day: #ResistTrumpocalypse

On Wednesday, April 22th, Earth Day, we will be targeting the Trump Administration, focusing on ICE, the EPA, and how poorly the administration has handled the current coronavirus pandemic. We want to acknowledge that the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis intersect in many ways. 

Capitalism is at the root of both climate change, and the reason why this crisis has gotten so out of hand. In both cases the people who are most at risk are poor people and people of color because they are systematically more likely to have pre-existing conditions, and lack the resources necessary to survive either pandemic. Because those who are most impacted are the same, so are a lot of the solutions. Like Medicare for all housing justice, and abolishing ICE. The coronavirus pandemic has proven once again that our current system, built around capitalism and colonialism, does not work, it has proved that we have to listen to scientists and take action accordingly, and it has proved that we must treat all people and the Earth with respect. 

The specific hashtag for this day will be #ResistTrumpocalypse

April 23rd: #DivestFromDestruction #InvestInFrontlineSolutions #StopTheMoneyPipeline

On Thursday, April 23rd, we will be targeting financial institutions. With your content for the day, feel free to target banks, retirement funds like CalSTRS, or any other financial institution that you know is making unsustainable or cruel investments. These posts can be shared under #DivestFromDestruction, #InvestInFrontlineSolutions, and #StopTheMoneyPipeline. 

April 24th: #SolidarityForSurvival

On the last day of action, Friday April 24th, we will be standing in solidarity for indigenous rights, and Muslim groups observing the first day of Ramadan. The posts for this day can be tagged. #SolidarityForSurvival. 

How are the Climate Crisis and COVID connected???

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