Join the Oakland Strike

San Francisco Students: Can’t attend the strike because your school won’t excuse you? Sign this petition!

Before changing any law or passing any deal we need to be a community and recognize the importance of unity. As the problems of climate change are getting worse, we are going to need to be united so we can create change, because no change will happen if we are always arguing. We have more things in common with each other than we had things in common with the people who have created this climate crisis. We need to acknowledge our similarities and fight as a whole since we are the ones suffering together.
A Resiliency Village is a community focused event to educate our community members about the issues going on in our climate. Our community deserves to know how they will be affected by climate chaos. In order to do so, YVA will be hosting a Resilient Village along with Mycelium Youth Network, Poor Magazine,  and Anti Police Terror Project that consists of four quadrants: Science for Survival, Civic Engagement, Visual Arts, and Voice and Performance. The quadrants will educate our youth and community in a fun and friendly way to show how to live sustainably in an unjust world