Most CA teachers don’t know that they have $6 BILLION invested in destructive fossil fuels. Help make the change.

Since Spring 2019, we, the youth of Earth Guardians Bay Area Crew and Youth vs Apocalypse have joined active and retired teachers with Fossil Free California in attending CalSTRS board meetings to demand $6 billion of the teachers’ pension fund be divested from fossil fuels. Most teachers don’t know that these investments exist and that they are actually losing their retirement fund money, on top of destroying our future. The CalSTRS board has refused to include any of our testimonies in the public record, regardless of parental permission, so teachers don’t learn about these investments. We need all students and all our teachers to help demand that CalSTRS stop rewarding fossil fuel companies and actually support frontline solutions.

Why This Matters

We must show CalSTRS that they cannot silence the youth and keep teachers from knowing what is happening in their boardroom and about their $6 billion investments that are funding a climate catastrophe. Since CalSTRS is the largest teachers’ pension fund in the country, what happens in California can have a tremendous impact globally. 


As of October 1, 2019, only one CalSTRS board member has publicly become an ally of the youth and called for the fund to divest from fossil fuels. The youth organizers are tremendously thankful to State Treasurer Fiona Ma for her leadership. The window for the rest of the CalSTRS board members to be the leaders we need in these urgent times is closing very quickly.

What You Can Do To Get Involved

Students, will you do the following?

1). Ask your teachers to sign and share the pledge at this link to ask their union to put forth a resolution for CalSTRS to divest.

Be sure to post a picture of you and each teacher who signs the pledge on your social media channels with the hashtags: teachersdivest. You write a sign for them to hold that says something like “CalSTRS, DIVEST my $ from fossil fuel companies now!’ or “My teacher pledges to divest!”

3). Ask your teachers to be a part of the Earth Day Global Climate Strike Week by teaching this lesson to their classes

3). Ask your teachers to do the actions listed on this site and keep checking in with them until the resolution is passed, then post another picture celebrating your success.

Teachers, will you do the following?

1). Sign the pledge and make sure your union puts forth a resolution to divest CalSTRS from fossil fuels

2). Dedicate time on Thursday, April 23 to teach this lesson as part of the Earth Day Global Climate Strike week of action?

3). Make sure your union votes for the resolution quickly

Other Actions:

    1. Write your own email or letter to CalSTRS telling them why you need them to divest from fossil fuels.
      1. Email board@calstrs.com and please cc youthvsapoclaypse.org
      2. Mail physical letters to: PO. Box 15275 Sacramento, CA 95851-0275
    2. Plan to attend a CalSTRS meeting to speak out about how you feel about them investing in fossil fuels. They meet in Sacramento and YVA can help arrange transportation. Their next meetings are March 4-6, 2020, then May 6-8 2020. If you are interested in going, please contact YVA!
    3. Write your own email or letter to CalSTRS telling them why you need them to divest from fossil fuels.