Blog Posts and Op-Eds
Written by Youth Vs Apocalypse Members

Op-Ed by Carrie Ramirez on BlackRock's Climate Problem

“…Your company is the biggest investor in the industries driving the climate crisis. You have a responsibility, as well as the power to make positive change. I am sure that you know this because tens of thousands of people around the world are forcing you to notice. Academics, government institutions, and other investors have been calling you out for your lack of action. Youth leaders and frontline communities have been reminding you every week by showing up at your offices, blockading doors, and begging you to act. .” 

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Op-Ed by Isha Tobis Clarke on Coal and Environmental Racism

“…This day ignited a flame in me. Before this interaction I didn’t see climate change as an issue that impacted me, but through my work examining this coal terminal, I recognized that the fight against climate change is really a fight against all systems of oppression that lay the foundation of our world. The systems and industries that created the climate crisis profit by considering communities of color like mine disposable. These targeted communities then experience the strongest impacts of climate chaos, while the people responsible for creating it sit back and collect checks while their air filters run. This is why climate justice is also racial and economic justice. The fight against climate catastrophe is a fight for our lives and futures that needs to be led by people on the frontlines of its impacts..” 

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Op-Ed by Samantha and Angelica on Speaking to Dianne Feinstein and the Urgent Need for a Green New Deal

“…We could see ourselves talking to out future grandchildren about what breathable air used to be like. We could see workers in impoverished communities whose children’s lives depended on risking their own. We were afraid because, at that moment, we could see the world around us shrinking- becoming something small and unimportant, and with it so did we. 

However, we only felt this way. As we sit here and write this piece, we know that we are not small and we are definitely not unimportant. Our words speak for all youth, as we demand a future. And that future will only be possible through the Green New Deal. Because as we advocate for the Green New Deal, we are also advocation for the future of our Earth and all of it’s inhabitants. A promised future. The future we deserve.” 

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Op-Ed by Isha Tobis Clarke on "What the Youth Climate Strike Felt Like As A Woman of Color"

“I looked out and saw the faces of my peers, whose eyes glistened and skin glowed from the first sunshine in months. I felt the drive and determination of young people, felt the vibrations of their screams for justice. I felt the admiration of our adult allies. I stood atop that stage in unity with two other passionate young women of color. We are the leaders of this powerful movement, a movement to save the earth. After all of the silencing, poisoning, and disregard of our lives and our futures, we were leading the movement to reverse all of that.”

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Op-Ed by Hannah and Michael Estrada on Speaking to Senator Feinstein about the Green New Deal

 “Life is not a luxury that can be bought. Life is priceless.

It’s hard to understand the effects of a changing climate and even harder to understand how to combat it. But we cannot let people become ignorant to this issue. Not when we’re risking so much.

Half the battle is understanding the problem — the other half is taking action.

We believe that our activism will decide whether or not we live — and we want to live. So tell your own representatives to support the Green New Deal. Tell them it’s for your brothers and sisters, your nieces and nephews, your kids. And for you.

Fight with us for our future.”

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Op-Ed by Nadja Goldberg, Samantha May Robles, Isha Clarke, and Hannah Clarke on their interaction with Dianne Feinstein

“The truth is, we were there to voice our genuine concerns and to advocate for our views regarding upcoming legislation. We did not ‘bust into the office of an old woman with the intention of telling her how uninformed she is.’ Senator Feinstein’s staff invited us into the building…You cannot compromise with science. The longer we wait to take action, the more costly and devastating the impact of this crisis will be. We are the people who will be at the forefront of those consequences.”

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Video of Isha Clarke, Rio, and Magdalena Calling on Senator Feinstein to Vote for the Green New Deal

“‘We’re the ones affected.’ Those are the words of youth climate activists who confronted California Senator Dianne Feinstein last week in San Francisco, demanding she sign on to the Green New Deal. In a video of the interaction that has since been seen across the country, Feinstein dismissed the children—some as young as 7 years old—asking her to take bold action on climate change. We speak with the youth climate activists who confronted the senator: 16-year-old Isha Clarke, 12-year-old Rio and his 10-year-old sister Magdalena.”

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10 Op-Eds from Youth Climate Strikers About Why They Are Taking Action

“I am blessed by this land every day, and I am ashamed that my kind have neglected to care for the livelihood of river otter, black bear, wolf, the smell of the desert after a rain. These are what make my life worth living. And they are diseased, as is the earth, as is our own culture.”

“At first I stood there watching and learning, and then one day, I realized that I had the right to protest as well.”