Blog Posts and Reflections
Written by Youth Vs Apocalypse Members

3/15/19: Youth Climate Strike San Fransisco

On March 15, youth from around the Bay Area marched on the streets of San Francisco. Joining millions of young people around the world, who know the impact that climate change has on them. Together, we demanded to be listened to, for the people in power to care about our futures and politicians to enact urgent climate action. The event in San Francisco had over 2,000 youth who attended, and together we were stronger. On this day we met our goal but our fight has just begun.

We chanted loud and clear so Pelosi Feinstein, and their staff can hear our demands for our right to live. If they were not able to listen to us, they for sure saw a massive group of youth with banners and posters big enough so they can read them. We ended at Union Square where we had more speeches and performances that manifested the climate crisis that we currently live in.

Based on the busy planning our YVA team and allies had, we were able to have such a victorious event. We collaborated in planning with very special groups such as: Warriors for Justice, Jewish Youth for Community Action, Sunrise,  Future Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America,, and 350 Bay Area. We would also like to acknowledge supporting schools: Urban Promise Academy, Melrose Leadership Academy, Skyline Green Academy, and Oakland SOL.

Thanks to the groups and support that have given us we were able to create a day that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

-- Dulce C. Arias, High School Senior

3/15/19: Climate Strike Sebastopol

About 200 middle and high school students from over 6 different schools from Sonoma County gathered in Sebastopol, CA, in solidarity with other youth strikes in over 100 countries across the globe. In a historic, international effort, young people were taking a stand against climate change, and making it clear to elected officials that we demand a livable climate and Earth for our futures, our children’s future, and generations to come. Organized by members of Youth vs Apocalypse, students engaged in a number of actions while at the rally, like registering to vote, writing letters to and calling Senator Feinstein to urge her to support the Green New Deal, signing a petition to get the California teacher's retirement fund to divest from fossil fuels, and learning about upcoming events for climate justice in our community. Staff from multiple newspapers, like the Press Democrat, were there reporting, and City Council members were there in solidarity with students. It was truly a wonderful success, and the organizers are deeply grateful to be been a part of this amazing youth movement.

-- Annabelle Lampson, High School Senior