April 22,23, 24

04/22: Mass strike in SF 

04/23: school based actions 

The goal of the strike on Earth Day is to push for a just transition, with the message that no one is disposable, we won’t be left behind.

The school based actions will be targeting CalSTRS. 

Past Actions

October Action: For the Amazon: Blackrock and Oil are killing us

October 25


300 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 

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More on Blackrock’s Big Problem

We are teaming up with Youth V. Apocalypse, BlackRock’s Big Problem coalition, Friends of the Earth and Amazon Watch to bring the truth to the Blackrocks front door…..AGAIN!

We will begin by gathering for about half an hour or so at the consulate practicing our songs and then heading to Blackrock! Come with your noisemakers, instruments and voices ready to scream for the Amazon and the sacred system of life.

We will be lifting up the Brasilian governments alarming lack of emergency response to the oil spill in the Northeast coasting Brasil! So many lives are being poisoned forever by the toxins of this spill and it must be treated as the state of emergency that it is!

Youth Climate Strike: Los Angeles with Greta Thunberg

November 1


Los Angeles City Hall
Los Angeles, CA 

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YVA members joined the Climate Strike LA, who hosted Greta Thunberg for a Climate Strike with youth climate leaders on the frontlines of California’s fossil-fuels climate emergency! Despite its green reputation, California remains one of the largest oil-producing states in the country. And while Los Angeles claims to be a global leader on climate change, there are very few cities on earth with so many active oil wells dangerously close to where people live, work and play. In neighborhoods like Wilmington and South Los Angeles — low-income communities of color already overburdened by pollution from freeways and other dirty industries — children and families experience disproportionately high rates of asthma and suffer from severe nosebleeds, headaches, reproductive harm, and headaches associated with a long list of toxic chemicals used in oil extraction.

Rally for our Future, Disaster Relief, and a Green New Deal

November 1


77 Beale St
San Francisco, CA 

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VA members joined Sunrise Movement’s Bay Area and Sonoma hubs at a rally and student walk-out at PG&E’s headquarters, standing with victims of the climate catastrophe while demanding a livable future. We need a Green New Deal now.  

Fires are raging in California, fanned by the negligence of PG&E and the heat of climate change. Huge corporations must be held accountable for climate crimes. At the time of the rally, 200,000 people had been evacuated from their homes and 3 million people had their power shut off, 20% of whom are disabled or elderly, many who need electricity to survive.

Court Hearing: City of Oakland

November 12

9 am

James R. Browning U.S. Courthouse

95 Seventh Street
San Francisco, California 

Courtroom 2, 3rd Floor, Rm 330


More on the No Coal in the Bay Campaign.

A panel of three Ninth Circuit judges will hear oral argument on the appeal by the City of Oakland, Sierra Club, and San Francisco Baykeeper, from Judge Vince Chhabria’s decision after a three-day trial in which he struck down Oakland’s ban on on the storage and handling of coal at a terminal on City-owned waterfront near the Bay Bridge toll plaza.

The hearing will be open to the public. All supporters of No Coal in Oakland are encouraged to attend.

The closest BART station is Civic Center. You must bring picture ID to get into the courthouse.  Phones may not be used in the courtroom and must be silent

Public meeting: US Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District 

To discuss dredging plan for the bay

November 13


Pinole Library

2935 Pinole Valley Rd

Pinole, CA 

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More on Don’t Dredge the Bay

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to dredge a channel in the Bay from San Francisco to Stockton in partnership with the Port of Stockton, Contra Costa County, and the Western States Petroleum Association.  In this public meeting, they will be discussing the dredging plan for the Bay.

Rally to Protect The Arctic

November 22- canceled

10am-11:30 am
Castro St & Chevron Way,
Richmond, CA

Right now, we are fighting for the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Trump administration wants to raid the Refuge for oil, but they know that their window of opportunity is closing, so they’re scrambling to sell out the Refuge while they still can. They are aiming to hold a lease sale as early as this December.

Chevron has emerged as a top contender and potential bidder. So let’s take the fight to them and send a resounding message that Arctic drilling is bad business. Join us at the Chevron Richmond Refinery on November 22nd from 10:00 am – 11:30.

The Gwich’in Nation of Alaska and Canada have been leading the fight to protect the Refuge, and they’re asking for widespread support from people in the Lower 48 this fall. We are honored to have four representatives from the Gwich’in Steering Committee leading this action in Richmond. Come join us and learn more about how you can help protect the Arctic Refuge from destructive development.

Action at Richmond City Council’s final vote on the Richmond Coal Ordinance

December 3rd


4400 Civic Center Plaza

Richmond, CA 

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More on the No Coal in the Bay Campaign.

The ordinance would phase out the storage and handling of coal and pet coke over a three year period. 

We expect many people to show up in opposition, as happened at the Planning Commission hearing, so get there early. Faced with a rowdy show of force, the commission voted to delay approval of the ordinance. We need to show the council members that there are even more people who support passing the ordinance without delay and transitioning the terminal to cleaner commodities that won’t endanger the health of residents and workers.

Richmond residents and workers are encouraged to testify about health impacts, visible dust, and other concerns.  If you are willing to speak, please email action@sunflower-alliance.org for information about this process.

Youth Led Climate Strike

Divest from Destruction! 

Invest in a Green New Deal!

BlackRock is an investment firm that has continuously funded the destruction of our planet and the oppression of black and brown people. They have funded the burning of the Amazon, leading to environmental catastrophe and the murder of indigenous people, and have invested in private prisons and detention centers. Following the rally and speak-out at BlackRock, there will be a march to the office of a congressional representative. 

January 30th

From the Capital to the CalSTRS  board  meeting in West Sacramento


10:30 am

Check out the DivestCalstrs campaign page for more info on the CalSTRS and why this is important. 

Go to 


to send a letter to the CalSTRS board telling them to divest $6 billion from fossil fuels.